Smaart crashes just after the splash (logo) screen

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Smaart crashes just after the splash (logo) screen

If you have OneDrive installed on your computer, please first check out this support article.

A crash can occur, both on Windows and MacOS, where Smaart will load to the main window but will instantly crash/stop responding. There are a few reasons why this crash could occur:

  • Corrupt configuration file
  • Bad microphone correction curve or other imported file
  • Insufficient or corrupt permissions on the Smaart directory
  • Smaart directory itself is corrupt

To resolve, please navigate to /Users/<username>/Documents and rename the "Smaart [Edition]" folder to "OLD_Smaart"

*Replace [Edition] with the specific edition of Smaart you are using. For example, Smaart Suite is "Smaart9Suite.Ticket", Smaart LE is "Smaart9LE.Ticket", etc.
Additionally, add "Sub" at the end of the name for Subscription licenses. For example, Smaart RT Subscription is "Smaart9RTSub.ticket"

Smaart will automatically create a new folder when it is re-opened and will require you to re-configure the audio device and measurement settings. From there, try re-importing each file on at a time, closing and reopening Smaart after each import. The bad file in question will cause Smaart to crash again when you go to reopen the program.

While you can import the previous configuration file, we always recommend starting with a fresh config to clear out any possible ghosts that could linger from Smaart crashing.

It is also possible that insufficient or corrupt permissions on either the Smaart or the Documents directory can cause Smaar to crash. If your company or organization has an IT department that manages and delpoys your Smaart computers, please have them make sure Smaart (and the user profile you're logging into when the computer turns on) can fully access its own directory. More information can be found here for Windows and here for macOS.

If Smaart is still crashing, or if you have any additional findings on this issue, please contact support.

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